NLP araştırma özetleri: 1970 - 1980

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1. Direction of gaze and distribution of cerebral thought processes.  Kinsbourne M (1974)
2. An investigation of eye movements and representational systems. Owens L F (1977)
3. Recall as effected by the interaction of presentation representational system and primary representationa... Shaw D L (1977)
4. Linguistic surface structures in family interaction. Macroy T D (1978)
5. Preference for sensory modality of mental imagery and its relationship to stress reduction... Brengle E Q (1979)
6. Matched versus unmatched primary representational systems relationship to perceived trustworthiness... Falzett W C (1979)
7. Trust as effected by representational system predicates. Green M A (1979)
8. The use of language representational systems by high and low marital adjustment couples. Wilimek J F (1979)
9. The testing of a model for the representation of consciousness. Beale R P (1980)
10. Empathy revisited: the effects of representational system matching on certain counseling process... Brockman W (1980)
11. A determination of the extent to which a predominant representational system can be identified... Hitchcock S (1980)
12. Representational systems: an investigation of sensory predicate use in a self-disclosure interview. Ellis J L (1980)
13. An analysis of the relationship between leisure interests and representational systems among college... Frye M L (1980)
14. Language as a therapeutic tool: the effects on the relationship of listeners responding to speakers... Hammer A L (1980)
15. A validity study of the construct `most highly valued representational system` in human auditory and... Lange D E (1980)
16. Primary representational systems as a basis for improved comprehension and communication. Mattar A T (1980)
17. Representational systems and client perception of the counseling relationship. Paxton L K (1980)
18. The effects of training in matching techniques on the development of rapport between client and... Rebstock M E (1980)
19. Neurolinguistic programming: Application to a clinical case. Ringler A F (1980)
20. An investigation of the effects of verbal pacing on initial therapeutic rapport. Shobin M Z (1980)
21. Test of the eye movement hypothesis of Neurolinguistic Programming. Cady D (1980)




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